Darwin regional water supply

Location: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Project proponent: Project dependent

Sector: Infrastructure

Investment type: Project dependent

Estimated total project cost: Project dependent

Investment amount sought: Project dependent

Project status: Conceptual project

Project description

The development of new water resources in the Darwin region to support residential, industrial and agribusiness demand for water. The project is identified as a priority initiative and nationally significant by Infrastructure Australia.

Irrigate a crop


The Northern Territory (NT) Government, through the government-owned corporation, the Power and Water Corporation, is undertaking engineering, design and other work associated with the development of new water sources to support the urban water supply in greater Darwin. Options to expand the available water supply will also permit greater use of the resource for industrial and agricultural purposes.

The Territory already produces world-class produce including mangos, citrus, melons and green vegetables. The provision of reliable water supplies provides a firm basis for the significant expansion of the Northern Territory’s agricultural production. The Territory’s climate and soils could support the development of high-value agricultural products for sale to the domestic market and export overseas.

Current status

Technical work to support the development of new water sources continues to be undertaken by the Power and Water Corporation. The NT Government is exploring opportunities to partner with the private sector to deliver downstream investment in water infrastructure and unlock new investment opportunities in the agribusiness sector.

Contact details

Anne Tan
General Manager, Strategic Infrastructure and Projects
Department of Trade, Business and Innovation

Phone: +61 8 8936 4206

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