How we assist with investment

Investment Territory partners with a range of local, national and international stakeholders to promote trade and investment opportunities with the Territory. This includes supporting and delivering campaigns, targeted engagement activities, events and inbound and outbound delegations.

Our team provides customised information to potential investors including:

  • an overview of key sectors and investment opportunities including details of specific projects
  • advice on grants and programs, business and economic data
  • introductions to government contacts, including our international representatives, and Territory business and industry networks
  • support with investment related visits to the Territory.

Investment facilitation

Our team utilises a case management approach to work with project proponents to propel significant and major investments in the Territory.

Our team has a lead role in facilitating and managing investment projects across all industry sectors, particularly those complex projects requiring cross government coordination and negotiation.

We work to achieve an efficient approach to doing business in the Territory by offering specialist facilitation services including:

  • case management
  • specialist advice on the development approvals process
  • statutory approvals coordination
  • site location services
  • identification of infrastructure and utility requirements
  • continuing client support
  • advocacy within government.

Level of facilitation provided

In considering the facilitation services provided for your project, our team will work with you to understand the:

  • level of investment
  • strategic impact and importance
  • complexity
  • project feasibility and capacity to deliver.

A case management approach is taken to the facilitation of projects, with the level of service and support tailored to the individual project.

If you would like assistance with investment related services contact Investment Territory.