Project Sea Dragon

In 2010 Seafarms Group Limited began to investigate the opportunities for new agribusiness and food development projects. A concept study for the development of large scale aquaculture production systems in northern Australia was completed in June 2012.

Facilities will be developed that will ultimately make it the largest aquaculture development ever proposed in Australia and one of the largest ventures of its type in the world.

Project Sea Dragon aims to develop 10 000 hectares of land-based aquaculture at Legune Station, a 180 000 hectare operating cattle station in the Keep River Region of the Northern Territory. It will be a fully integrated marine protein production operation.

Land-based, pond growout facilities will produce over 100 000 tonnes of black tiger prawns per annum, principally for export to Asian markets. Product processing facilities will handle the large quantities of prawns efficiently and hygienically. The scale of the project will generate significant cost advantages.

Project Sea Dragon will see the staging of Australia’s largest, world scale land-based aquaculture project over five to seven years. Over 1500 jobs will be created and numerous ancillary business opportunities throughout the Northern Territory.

Creating the remarkable

The Northern Territory Government has provided a single point of contact and support services along the development pathway.

The project is able to utilise land from our existing pastoral lease due to legislative amendments allowing long-term non-pastoral use passed by the government in 2014.

"We couldn’t undertake this project in Western Australia or Queensland. None of the legislative instruments that are necessary for it to occur are in place."

"It’s been in my view visionary to establish the non-pastoral use component, and that’s very much why this project is here."

Ian Trahor
Executive Chairman
Sea Farms Group