Bristow Group Inc

Bristow Group Inc (a US listed entity) is now the world’s largest operator of rotary-wing aircraft, proudly serving the offshore oil transport industry in major exploration and production arenas for over 60 years. The company has been responsible for many industry-leading technological innovations.

On 29 January 2015 Bristow Helicopters Australia Pty Ltd acquired an 85% share of Airnorth. As both companies were operating in the oil and gas sector, Bristow could offer a one stop charter shop providing customers with an integrated transport solution, taking passengers from home base to the offshore platform and return. The acquisition has created significant growth opportunities for both Bristow and Airnorth, not just in expanding the service offering to the oil and gas industry but also to grow the scheduled airline transport business.

Airnorth is Australia’s second oldest airline, commencing operations on 4 July 1978 (just four days after the Northern Territory achieved self-government). Initially it provided small piston engine aircraft charter services; by the late 1980s it was providing scheduled airline services within the Northern Territory.

Today Airnorth is the largest regional airline in Northern Australia, operating some of the most sophisticated regional jet aircrafts. It provides both scheduled airline services to more than twenty regional communities and contracted charter services to some of the world’s largest mining and energy companies.

Creating the remarkable

Over the years the travel requirements of the Northern Territory Government have helped underpin the demand for Airnorth’s services and provided a sustainable commercial basis for their continued expansion.

Since the acquisition, supply chain synergies have already achieved over US$1 million per annum in operational savings. It has also enabled Bristow to deliver a more cost effective transport solution: reducing client costs on travel, accommodation and other passenger logistics costs and cementing it's position as the world’s leading and most innovative rotary-wing operator.