Beef cattle live export

The Northern Territory cattle industry has been supplying feeder cattle into Indonesia for decades. More recently Vietnam has become the Northern Territory’s second largest live cattle export market.

Other opportunities have been identified in Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines, as the middle classes rise and demand for protein increases. The latest development is the potential to supply live cattle into China.

In 2015 a total of 488 000 head of cattle were exported from the Port of Darwin, making Darwin the largest live-cattle export port in the world. 342 000 head went to Indonesia, with Vietnam taking 100 000 and the Philippines 24 000.

For more than a century, foreign investment has played a central role throughout the development of the pastoral industry in Northern Australia, and overseas interest in purchasing a pastoral lease is now at record highs.

Creating the remarkable

The Northern Territory Government actively supports the pastoral industry by working on opening up new markets, providing research and technical support to increase cattle production including improving pastures, building environmental sustainability and station management and operations.

The government also provides technical assistance to overseas customers purchasing cattle from the Northern Territory to ensure compliance with Australia’s supply chain assurance system required to protect animal welfare.