Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining, Energy and Exploration Conference

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Duration: 2 days

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Online: AEMEE website

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Our history, our future - laying the platform for future generations

Conference sessions

History: History of mining, the stress, the struggles, the success - how did we get here, what we've learnt not to do and what we've learnt to do better.

Simple: Keeping business simple, keep it manageable and being big doesn't mean better. 

Diversity: The power of opportunity, make it matter. Diversified workplaces are successful, open your doors to all communities (women, ageing, disabled, Aboriginal).

Youth: How do we inspire, encourage and create opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow?

Technology and Innovation: How do we keep up and take advantage of new technology and automation?

Joint ventures and beyond: Growing possibilities; when to start, when exit and everything in-between. Given the huge growing in joint ventures, what is the future and what is being done to make this space work.

Upcoming in the Northern Territory 2019: What's next for the Northern Territory  - are you ready for the growth?

Machinery working in a mine site
Hosted by: Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining, Energy and Exploration